If you are interested of having a head portrait painted of yourself or a loved one please contact me.  My portraits are oil on wood panel or canvas depending on the size and style.

Part of the process of working together to create a portrait involves choosing the style (within the styles i paint in – a kind of impressionistic but still realistic painterly style, and a slightly bolder more “pop” kind of style).  If you are not local to me (or if you have particular photos in mind) I will work with you to determine the best choice.  For people in the L.A. area we might decide it’s best for me to take the source photographs.

Although I do commissioned portraits from photos, I’ve painted a great deal from live models.  This informs and supports my understanding when working from photos.  I very much don’t like paintings that just look like copies of a photograph.  It will be my goal to deliver a portrait that has real warmth and humanness.

I am particularly focusing on child and baby portraits right now, but paint commissions of adults as well.

Use the email form below to get in touch with me about a portrait commission.  Please make sure your email is correct!